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Unlock your true potential as a conscious sexuality practitioner with our Certified Practitioner Training in Somatic Sexuality, based in the vibrant city of Glasgow, UK. Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and transformation?

somatic sexuality training in the UK

🔮 What Sets Our Training Apart 🔮

At the heart of our training lies a profound desire to empower you to work from a place of authenticity and presence. It focuses on empowering individuals to create their own unique system rather than merely acquiring expertise in existing ones. We believe that a heart-centred approach creates a co-created safe space for both you and your clients to explore and evolve.

We offer ongoing support, a vibrant online community via our Heartbeat app, and access to real clients through our volunteer network, ensuring that our practitioners are well-prepared, confident, and able to build successful and fulfilling practices.

💡 Our Three Empowering Modules 💡

Module One: Embrace Your Authenticity

Delve into the exploration of your own sexual nature and witness how it can form the foundation of your distinctive practice. Module One introduces the art of sexuality coaching, paving the way for your potential career as a conscious sexuality practitioner.

Module Two: Embody the Art of Touch

Discover the power of touch through an array of somatic and heart-based perspectives, including conscious sexuality, sexological bodywork, tantra, and the erotic body. These invaluable touch-based skills create a holistic and flexible framework for your practice.

Module Three: Cultivate Your Business Acumen (Online)

Unleash your entrepreneurial spirit as we guide you in creating or enhancing your very own sexuality practitioner business. Module Three offers practical steps and insights to shape your thriving venture in the digital age.

🌟 Which Module Is Right for You? 🌟

We understand that everyone’s journey is unique. Our modular approach allows you to tailor your experience, taking each module independently or non-consecutively, based on your individual needs and aspirations.

💭 Let’s Explore Your Future Together 💭

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🎉 Embrace Your Journey 🎉

Our next intake of students is February 2024. Spaces are limited and are being booked now. We would love you to join us. Book a call with one of our course tutors so we can answer any questions you have or click here to explore our modules further.

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