Module One

Weaving personal and professional discovery and development together. Finding one’s sexual nature and building a practice from that foundation, in a developmental and ongoing spiral of the two. Moving upwards, building awareness, knowledge, skills, communication, and confidence. Finding an emerging, realistic and marketable identity as a practitioner. We will use creative process and expression throughout, including artwork, bodywork, one way touch, shared touch dancing, role play, and presentations.

The aim of this section of Module One is the embodiment and relational contact. This will include:

  • Attunement

  • Prerequisites to Touch

  • Boundaries and Consent

  • Trauma Awareness

  • How to Touch

  • Maps: Sexual and Personal

your unique sexual nature

Throughout, we will have a Trauma Informed Practice, creating safety, connection and belonging for all, tracking all channels of sensation and experience in the body. This is both for your own development, and as a practice to share with future clients.

We will provide various sexuality maps as part of a sustained opportunity for deeper awareness, so you the student can start to develop a fuller and more focused sense of your own sexual nature. From this place, you can begin to identify how you would like to make yourself available for future clients.

When we work with others in the field of Sexuality, we are working relationally. It is crucial that we can connect to our own curiosity, nature, intuition, vulnerability and sense of growth, so we can encourage our clients to do the same. Knowing your own unique blueprint is essential to you becoming the unique heart centred practitioner the world needs.

Module One is a coaching module. You will be given tools and support to develop new skills to hold a space for clients to step into their emerging sexuality: offering guidance as they navigate the challenges and joys of their most authentic self and how they can live and thrive from that place.

Somatic Education is a way of learning through the intelligence of the body, amplified by mindful, self-directed practice. One definition of somatic is ‘of and from the body’. As practitioners, we need to understand how humans learn sex, and help them to re-learn it in a way which enhances their lives.

Sexuality practitioners work with others to expand capacity for sensation, pleasure, connection, expression and enthusiastic consent.


The cost for Module 1 (as a separate module) is £2,485, which can be spread over 3 payments.  A deposit of £500 is required to secure your space. The entire module will be 3 months, starting in 1st Feb 2024, completing at the end of April 2024. The in-person part of the course is March 1st to March 6th 2024. Zoom calls will begin from week of February 1st 2024.

M1 – Quick Summary

This Module is primarily directed at exploring your own sexual nature, and how that might ground a distinctive practice of your own. It is an in person module and is supported online. The module  introduces sexuality coaching, and starts to sketch out what your potential practice might look like. Listen to Kat talk about Module One in the video below.

All three modules can be taken together however you might choose Module One as a stand alone course if:

  • You might want to be a professional sexuality practitioner but aren’t sure. This module provides you with the coaching skills, knowledge and awareness needed

  • You are a talking therapist and want to become more confident with the sexual issues clients bring

  • You want to expand your sense of yourself as a sexual being with the possibility that once you do, you can then build a space for others to do the same

  • You don’t want a touch based practice but you are interested in coaching

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Module TWO

The aim of Module 2 is to demonstrate, discuss and practice various approaches to Bodywork, so you can decide what part, if any, Bodywork will play in your work as a practitioner, and what approach fits best with your nature.

The nature of many trainings in this field is that we are given instructions about a particular approach, and taught how to acquire technical proficiency in that, sidestepping the reality that there were many other choices, some of which might accord much more with your nature.

In our approach, we provide you with Maps, not so you can accurately delineate the territory – or for us to claim that we can – but to open up your experience, and with gentle encouragement use what we give you, together with your own nature, to create your own maps.

The Approaches

Accordingly, in this Module, alongside technical training, we will endeavour to illustrate the approaches which can be taken, namely:

  • the somatic bodywork approach: educational, professional, inquiry focused

  • the tantric approach: intimate but not personal, focused on energy, pleasure and experience

  • the erotic body approach, focused on the Trance (in Mosher’s sense) state of the client

  • the relational approach, a kind of mix and match of the first three, yielding a number of distinct ways of working.

We will be working on each other and with volunteers, and will also give attention to attunement and other skills which are a prerequisite to working intimately with another.


The cost for Module 2 (as a separate module) is £2,885, which can be spread over 3 payments. A deposit of £500 is required to secure your space. The dates of in person workshop is 19th April to 25th April 2024 in Glasgow. Zoom calls will begin from week of April 1st 2024.  The Yama Studio in Glasgow will host us, a beautiful, spacious, and private studio for our exclusive use.

M2 – Quick Summary

This Module is primarily focused on giving you touch based skills from a number of somatic, heart based perspectives: conscious sexuality, sexological bodywork, tantra and the erotic body, taught from our unique integration of these various modalities into a holistic, flexible whole.   It is an in person module and is supported online. Listen to Kat talk about Module Two in the video below.

All three modules can be taken together however you might choose Module Two as a stand alone course  if:

  • You’re already working in the field of sexuality, for example, you do erotic/tantric massage, or are a sex worker, but wish to learn a more heart focused, relational approach

  • You’re already working with the body, as a massage therapist or reiki practitioner for example, but wish to expand your repertoire of how you touch

  • You want a thorough immersion in bodywork to add to your existing practice or to add to your coaching skills from Module One

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Module three

Your business is an ecosystem, a world with its own nature and essence, its own unique language and culture. The world of your business should be designed for you to authentically express yourself and what you want to give.When you know this world intimately, you can shape it consciously, so your clients will know right away if they belong there, and you will too.

Like you, your business has a soul purpose which is always about experiencing, expressing and serving soul qualities, as well as an incarnational purpose which arises from its unique preferences, skills, genius and heart. This can only come from a foundation of authenticity.

We want your future clients to feel:

  • Safe enough to connect with you, be with you, learn with you and buy from you

  • Safe enough to benefit from your work, come home to themselves as a result of it, and fully receive the blessings that your business offers.

  • And for you to be fully in the flow of your business as a result.

Do you aspire to a collaborative, responsive Yin style or a more directional Yang style?

Are you more comfortable to develop work with individuals, or are you more comfortable with couples or with groups? Or a mix of all?

Together we will work it out.

your Uniqueness

Module 3 gives you plenty of time to really explore your nature and how you present yourself through your business to the world. With feedback from peers and faculty staff, volunteers and gentle guidance, you will begin to notice your natural way.

We offer practical and heart-centred training and guidance throughout. As you move towards the end of Module 3 we help you develop intake forms and intake practice. This will ensure you have all the information you need to co-create sessions with clients which meet their needs. It will also ensure you work with the right people in the right way.

Both of these elements are essential for a healthy, safe and fulfilling practice that you will both benefit from.

Volunteers can be available for you to work with intake sessions so you graduate with the confidence needed to begin your practice.


The cost for Module 3 (as a separate module) is £1,285. A deposit of £500 is required to secure your space. Module 3 is internet based.

M3 – Quick Summary

In this Module, which is internet based, we focus on what sort of business you might create as a sexuality practitioner and practical steps to create or enhance that business. Listen to Kat talk about Module Three in the video below.

All three modules can be taken together however you might choose Module Three as a stand alone course  if:

  • You’re already working in this field (having trained with another organisation), are far away from The School of Conscious Touch, and can commit to an online training to enhance your business

  • You have previously done Module 1 and have now decided you want to work as a sexuality coach (i.e. no touch)

  • You already have a sexuality based practice, you don’t want to change it but want to make it work better

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Who is a best fit for this training?

  • People who are already working in the field of Sexuality or in a related field and want to expand their approach and learn new offerings, skills and perspectives.

  • People who are new to the field of professional sexuality, and want to learn where they belong, how they might practice and what they have to share.

  • People who have a complimentary practice, or set of skills, and want to combine this with sexuality in a professional context.

  • People who are inexperienced and want more knowledge, wisdom and experience and to learn how to share this with clients in a co-created space.

  • People who want to share a trauma informed practice with clients.

  • People who want to fully connect with their bodies and teach from this place.

  • People who really want to develop their sexuality as a prerequisite for potentially being a sexuality professional, to get their need support and encouragement, and to know their unique gifts and for these to be fully seen.

  • People who are prepared to work with all other participants, whatever their gender.

  • People who long to be in a network of like-minded others for ongoing peer support.

  • Ongoing education and development and authentic connection.

  • People who want to receive one-to-one support from a team of certified and experienced.

  • Sexological Bodyworkers, working within their own practice.

  • People who are comfortable in a small group, sharing their desires, challenges and vulnerabilities honestly and openly and finding new ways to make it all work.

  • People who want to learn primarily in person and relationally, rather than online.

Who’s not the best fit for this training?

  • People who are primarily looking for a therapy group, or wish to debate sexual identity issues

  • People who have no desire to work with others professionally

  • People who are looking for a group that offers sexual exchange

  • People with active addictions or personal issues that require strong support

  • People who cannot create the time and space to fully commit to each module and online learning.

  • People who are in the process of a traumatic event, such as divorce, separation, bereavement or health-related issue and need to attend to this

  • People whose primary aim is to resolve their own sexual issues

  • People who are primarily looking for experiences rather than learning and growth

  • People who simply want to learn technical skills and who are not interested in a heart-based practice

our complete training: three modules

The three modules can be taken separately or they can be taken as a complete training package, offering the student the best value.

This includes access to on-going support of a network of practitioners and further training and offerings.

We offer our full training programme (all three modules) on a sliding scale from £3,750 to £5,750 which can be paid by instalments.  A deposit of £500 is required to secure your space and is included in these prices.

We also offer a small number of scholarships to support eligible students with the training costs. Visit our scholarships page to learn more.

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