The School of Conscious Touch exists to provide comprehensive training in somatic sexuality, empowering our students to make a real difference in people’s lives. Beyond the training itself, we recognise the vital importance of ongoing support and growth for our students, graduates and volunteers. That can only be done through connection, so an important aspect of our ongoing support is building a wider network of people interested in conscious sexuality.

To foster this enabling and expansive ecosystem, we have established the SCOT Community, an online community on the Heartbeat app. This is a supportive community for students (both potential and current) and for graduates to facilitate their continued development. In addition it is a place for anyone interested in conscious sexuality to engage with a like-minded community and to connect and grow.

Access to Post-Training Support: At the School of Conscious Touch, we recognise the need for ongoing guidance. The SCOT Community ensures that practitioners have access to post-training support. This support system plays a vital role in helping graduates transition from training to practice. Whether they require clarification on skills, guidance on client interactions, or simply seek reassurance, the SCOT Community provides a platform for SCOT students and graduates to receive mentorship and assistance from their trainers and peers. This access to support fosters confidence, which enhances our students’ effectiveness, in both their work and in its promotion.

Fostering a Supportive Community: The Heartbeat app creates a sense of community among practitioners of the School of Conscious Touch. This community serves as a valuable resource for practitioners to connect, share experiences, develop their work and seek guidance. By engaging with like-minded individuals who have undergone similar training, practitioners can find validation, inspiration, co-creation, co-operation and mutual understanding. They can trial new work within a supportive environment, All this encourages personal growth and professional development, ultimately benefiting both the individual practitioners and the field of somatic sexuality as a whole.

Community Overview

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“This is awesome. Love it.”

David Miller (Graduate)

The Heartbeat App: A Central Hub for TRAINING & Community Interactions

To facilitate seamless communication and engagement, the School of Conscious Touch hosts its community on the Heartbeat app. This serves as a comprehensive platform where students and graduates can access training materials, insightful events and private discussion groups ( both general and specific) where they can engage in meaningful discussions.

For those who are not already in our training the platform also has an extensive free resources section and general discussion groups for those interested in somatic sexuality. It also has a practitioner discussion group, where our graduates – and also those who are practitioners but who have not trained with us – can participate in discussions with other professionals.

By hosting all community interactions in one place, the Heartbeat app streamlines communication and provides a convenient and organised space for practitioners to connect and collaborate.

Engaging Features of the Heartbeat App

The Heartbeat app offers a range of features designed to enhance community engagement and learning. Practitioners can participate in chat threads to foster ongoing conversations and knowledge sharing, and take part in live events hosted on the app, allowing practitioners to attend virtual workshops, interviews and discussions.

The ability to access content, courses and discussions all under the one ‘virtual roof’ further reinforces the sense of belonging and identity within the community. Group membership structures and dedicated chat channels ensure that practitioners can connect with specific interest groups, fostering deeper connections and targeted discussions.

Whatever your experience of conscious sexuality, the SCOT Community welcomes you to join.  Click here to sign up.

Community FAQ
How can I join your Community?

You can  click here to join for free. Once you have signed up to our mailing list you will be sent further details on how to sign up to the community app.

How do I log into your Community?

We host our community on Heartbeat. Once you have signed up, you will be able to login here: If you are on mobile it will ask you to download the Heartbeat App via the Apple or Google Play stores and you can then log in using your email. If you are on laptop or PC it will just open a browser window and you can log in using your email. Any problems loggin in send us a message via our  contact form.

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