Do You Want To Be A Certified Somatic Sexologist?

Are you looking for a professional in person training in somatic sexuality to work in the sexology field but don’t know where to start?

Does the prospect of expensive online training not really do it for you, yet that seems the only thing available?

Do you want to create something unique to you?

Do you want to train with a small supportive group of like minded people? Do you need expert support to clarify what your work could be and get it off the ground?

Based in Scotland, we have created an in-person body based programme which takes you from a position of restriction to one where, through embodiment and touch, exploration and expansion, you can understand your own unique sexuality, and how that might be expressed working professionally with others in a way which is authentic and nourishing for you and for them.

Our desire is for you to graduate feeling confident and excited, equipped and resourced to work with clients with compassion and a clear understanding of their needs.

To find and live our sexual nature, we need two things; the removal of obstacles, and the opening up of our imagination about how we might be. To meet our challenges, we need to understand what inhibits us, and why. This could be shame, or limiting beliefs, or inexperience, or lack of confidence, or past trauma. Once we have achieved that, we need expert guides to open up the whole field of sexuality for us, so we can understand what our desires truly are.

We — Katrina Clark and John Fraser — are two vastly experienced sexuality professionals with over 30 years of experience in the field of Conscious Sexuality between us. We want to help you live a more expansive and joyful life while supporting your clients to do the same.

Katrina clark 

I am Katrina (Kat to just about everyone). I am glad you are here, there is a warm welcome here for you, from us all.

I began my journey with Conscious Sexuality around 2014, it opened up a world that gave me so much insight and growth, with many challenges and struggles too. During that time, and to present day 2022, I continue to train, learn and am always curious about who we are in this fascinating and often complex way of being.

I became a Certified Sexological Bodyworker in 2017 and have trained with ISTA as a Tantric Practitioner, with Cathryn Jesse as a Somatic Sex Educator and undertaken numerous workshops and offerings over the years in the many areas of Conscious Sexuality.

My main area of interest is working with women and I have had the joy of leading a variety of women’s workshops, inviting in more education, joy and exploration. 

For more about Kat’s work visit her website  :

  • Certified Somatic Trauma Coach (2023)
  • Peri-Post Menopause Coach (2020)
  • Certified Somatic Sex Educator (2019)
  • Certified Sexological Bodyworker (2018)
  • Tantra Practitioner – ISTA (2017)
  • Advanced Diploma Gestalt Psychotherapy (1998)

Lived Experience
  • 18 years working in private practice with a range of modalities with Reiki, Coaching, Conscious Sexuality and facilitating workshops in all of these areas.
  • 12 years of working in residential mental health and substance abuse
  • Over 20 years of working with various coaches and therapists, numerous workshops of the many areas of this messy human experience!

john fraser

After becoming a partner in a long established law firm at 26, I was very successful in a conventional sense, but deeply unhappy. I was poor at forming and maintaining intimate relationships. I gradually came to realise that I was stuck in my head, disconnected from both my body and from my heart, and that my real nature was imaginative, playful and feeling, not intellectual.

To free myself from this unhappiness, I started to get in touch with my body through dance, yoga, tantra, zen meditation, psychotherapy, body mind centring and other practices. Through this, I discovered the joy and aliveness of my body and of my sexuality, and then started forming much more authentic connections with other people.

I started working professionally in the field of sexuality in 2012, giving up my legal practice in 2019 to give my whole heart to this work.

For more about John’s work visit his website :

  • Year Long Tantra Training with Skydancing [2005]
  • Certificate in Sexological Bodywork [2015]
  • Certificate in Caffyn Jess’ Intimacy Educator Programme [2019]
  • Wheel of Consent Inaugural Practitioner Programme [2019]
John Fraser

“Kat and John hold the course with incredible kindness, warmth, compassion, humour, wisdom and patience.”

Sebastian Wright


You can also read more about our graduates on their dedicated page.

A key aspect of SCOT from other providers was the focus on self, and a growing awareness of what I am a ‘Yes’ to. As does the focus on creating a collaborative community of practitioners.

The focus on what is right for the individual will help prospective students in all areas of their life.

I am taking away all the ways that my experience can be used to help others, in a way that also serves me. 


The highlight of the course for me was the direct experience of bodywork. When giving, I feel like I can give all of myself, and when receiving, the trust which the course helped me open up to allows me to let go and fully experience all of myself as an embodied sexual being. I enjoyed the connection I felt with myself, and connection with the other students. Connection is a core need for me, it’s the context of giving and receiving. When I feel connected, anything is possible.


This course helped me to set up a business. I’ve completely changed how I work – new skills, created and entire practice.

I’ve seen immediate changes in myself and others. I developed a deeper awareness and sensitivity of my relationship with touch.

Each module – specifically practical training- developed professional and personal confidence.

emily king

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