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Are you interested in a career as a somatic sexologist? Our professional training provides you with the training and certification to become a certfied somatic sexologist. The training helps you to create a viable business centred on resolving people’s sexual issues and increasing their happiness and connection. The emphasis of the training is on working in a way that is authentic to you. Our training encourages your unique light to shine so that you can help others to shine in their own unique way.

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the school of conscious touch

What is scot?

Based in Scotland, The School of Conscious Touch (SCOT) was founded in 2022 by certified Sexological Bodyworkers John Fraser and Katrina Clark. The School provides certified practitioner training in somatic sexuality from which you graduate as a Certified Somatic Sexologist.

The training, which is UK based in Glasgow, is focused on helping students to create their own system that works for them, and provides access to the schools volunteers for real-life practise, and provides post-training support. 

Our desire is for you to graduate excited, equipped and resourced to work with clients with compassion and a clear understanding of their needs. 

the training
Our heart-centered sexuality training
in-person training

We provide in-person training in somatic sexuality to help you to work in the sexology field in a way which is authentic and nourishing for you and your clients.

personal discovery

Supporting you on your self-discovery and expression of your own sexual nature. Helping you to discover the work you love and were meant to do.


Supporting you to create something unique while you train with a small supportive group of like minded people. Providing access to the schools volunteers and to post-training support.


Empowering students so that they can be authentic and fully themselves. Providing expert support to help clarify what your work could be and how your business can grow and thrive.

three courses to explore

You may be certain or be open to the possibility that you want to work professionally with sexuality. In which case you would do all three Modules and become a Graduate of The School.

There is also the option to do any of the three Modules separately. Taking the Modules independently, or non-consecutively, is a totally viable option since each Module has distinct benefits for different needs of individuals.

Module one

Module One is primarily directed at exploring your own sexual nature, and how that might ground a distinctive practice of your own. It introduces sexuality coaching, and starts to sketch out what your potential practice might look like.

module two

Module Two is primarily focused on giving you touch based skills from a number of somatic, heart based perspectives: conscious sexuality, sexological bodywork, tantra and the erotic body, taught from our unique integration of these various modalities into a holistic, flexible whole.

module three

With Module Three, which is internet based, we focus on what sort of business you might create as a sexuality practitioner and practical steps to create or enhance that business.

learn about our training

Our graduates

Our graduates offer an amazing range of experience. Click on their name to read more about their practice.

Our Community Ethos

At The School of Conscious Touch, we are deeply committed to fostering an inclusive community and nurturing the unique gifts within each individual in the realm of conscious sexuality. For this reason, we proudly offer scholarship opportunities to support eligible students who may face financial constraints in accessing our training. Our mission is to provide one Scholarship for every 8 students undertaking our program, allowing recipients to participate with a remarkable 70% reduction from the full training cost. We understand that even with this generous reduction, some deserving individuals may still require additional assistance. Therefore, we’ve established a dedicated Scholarship fund to bridge the gap for those in need, ensuring that financial barriers do not hinder their journey.

We invite those who share in our vision and commitment to reach out and explore the possibility of contributing to this vision. By supporting our scholarship program, you’ll be helping individuals with the potential to make a significant positive impact, especially within marginalised communities. To learn more about becoming a donor and how you can contribute to our mission, please watch our video on our donor page and contact us via email. We’ll be delighted to arrange a Zoom call with you to discuss your potential donation and the meaningful difference it can make in the lives of aspiring certified somatic sexologists.

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